Doncaster Smokefree Team Deliver Quit Sessions to Staff at Doncaster Prison

Doncaster Smokefree Team Deliver Quit Sessions to Staff at Doncaster Prison

The Yorkshire Smokefree team are delivering support and service within workplaces throughout the region, helping to promote and develop a healthier, positive work environment across South Yorkshire.

Doncaster prison is going smoke-free this year, so the Doncaster Stop Smoking team went to deliver an introductory session with staff members, focussing on informing people of the benefits of stopping smoking and the wider Yorkshire Smokefree service as a whole. The aim was to make the talk engaging and informative, and there was no pressure for anyone to sign up to our quit programme. We were therefore delighted when 8 members of staff expressed an interest in quitting. Following on from this initial meeting we arranged a quit clinic with the head of Doncaster Prison HR.

The workplace clinic lasted 10 weeks and the 8 team members offered support and advice to help them succeed. Stop smoking products and medication were prescribed where individuals though this was required. We carried out carbon monoxide tests on all involved to help them see the benefits of quitting and become more aware of the health issues concerned around smoking.

The group all admitted to being heavy smokers, each going through 15-20 cigarettes per day. They had decided to quit for all various kinds of reasons. Each of the smokers used different methods of stopping smoking, focussing on those which they felt would work best for them.


doncaster prison staff stop smoking

* Jo decided to ditch the cigs after she lost her parents to cancer and knew it was her time to give up and managed to stop using an E-Cig.

* Cara had recently gone on a journey to better her health by losing a stone in weight, then found the strength to make yet another huge change by quitting using Champix.


* Sharon also managed to quit by using Champix and she found it especially helped that she quit with her husband as they offered each other support throughout the 10 week programme.


* Pauline, who used patches to give up and now says that using Yorkshire Smoke free was the best thing she has ever done!


At the end of the 10 week course we are delighted to report that 6 out of 8 team members are now smoke free, with the remaining two still determined to quit. The courses were deemed such a success that the Prison Director has planned in more initiatives to help staff go smoke-free, including the use of e-cigs in designated work areas.

Congratulations to the team on delivering a successful course and a huge well done to those who are now smoke-free and no longer dependent on tobacco!

If you think your business or place of work would benefit from a workplace stop smoking programme give us a call on 0800 612 0011.

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