5 Minute Coffee Break - Confidence To Quit This Stoptober

Published at 26 September, 2022 14:27.

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This Stoptober campaign is in it`s 11th year and it can help you get motivated to start your quit attempt and keep it going with renewed energy and confidence to quit successfully. It is great to know you are not on your own when you are quitting. Like you, there will be lot`s of other people encouraged in a mass participation of quitters this Stoptober!

For those of you who are new to Stoptober it was first implemented in 2012 by Public Health England and it encouraged smokers to abstain from smoking for 28 days during October. If you can quit for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay quit!

Being confident to quit may take a little practice and on day 1 this may be a little tricky. Seek support from friends and family. Telling people, you are quitting can feel like sharing the load and they can help you stay motivated by not offering you cigarettes if they smoke themselves. You might give them the encouragement they need to try the Stoptober challenge as well! Every day you stay quit you will gain in confidence as you feel the benefits to your health and see the benefits in your wallet and bank balance. Quit smoking and start saving in many ways

Grow your confidence by rewarding yourself every day you stay smoke free. It may be a gold star on the calendar, a small treat at the end of the day or some time out for yourself doing something just for you. By day 28 your confidence will have grown enough to think about November and into December and the holiday season too

But let us not get too far ahead. You are just at the contemplating stage. Plan with tools such as the NHS stop smoking app that you might like to download that has hints and tips, activities, and reminders to help you stay on track

 Have a look at the Stop Smoking aids such as Nicotine Replacement products and may be talk to your local NHS Stop Smoking Service who can help you prepare for your quit attempt and chat about any doubts or concerns and turn them into renewed confidence by advising you on how to get started. If you feel prepared your confidence will emerge and grow

If you have tried to quit before then try again with the Stoptober challenge to keep you motivated. Remember you are not alone!

Let`s take it one day at a time to reach day 28 with renewed confidence to stay quit.