5 Minute Coffee Break - Go For Quit!

Published at 29 April, 2021 12:38.

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Are you contemplating starting your quit attempt but is something stopping you?  Does the first step feel more like a giant leap too far?  Let`s talk it through with a coffee so you can feel more confident, feel prepared and ready for action!

Quitting smoking is different for each person and we all experience it in different ways, including withdrawal symptoms.  If worrying about experiencing withdrawal symptoms is preventing you making a start, let us help put things into perspective.

 Most symptoms of withdrawal decrease within a few days of starting your quit attempt and continue to ease as you go into the second, third and fourth week. Try and see your symptoms as a sign that you are on your way to being smoke free and your body is healing and mending itself from the harm that smoking can cause. Remember these feelings are temporary and do not last forever.

Don’t let the thought of experiencing cravings and urges to smoke be a barrier to starting your quit attempt. Instead let’s remember that they are short lasting, can be managed by distracting yourself and using techniques such as a squeezy ball and counting each squeeze until the craving has passed. Exercise can help too as it not only keeps your mind off any cravings, but it also promotes physical and mental wellbeing and a positive mind set which will help your quit attempt. Using nicotine replacement products can also help with cravings to smoke. Remember for the first two to three days they may be more frequent, then it will get easier and your ability to manage them will get better.

Other withdrawal symptoms may be a cough and dryness in the throat as the body is expelling mucus that has built up from smoking. Let us understand this as the body healing and is temporary.  keep hydrated and lubricate with plenty of fluids and maybe a little honey and lemon to soothe. Cravings may be confused with hunger for up to a few weeks so tackle this with low calorie and low sugar snacks and have some mints or chewing gum to hand.

If you are feeling irritable or experiencing a lack of concentration and feeling some fatigue, then drink more water and keep hydrated. Try some relaxation and breathing techniques and take some time out to do something you enjoy and can focus on such as walking in the fresh air. Rewarding yourself can be helpful too and be a little reminder of how well you are doing. It does not have to be costly and could just be taking 10 minutes out of the day doing something just for you, such as enjoying a relaxing bubble bath or sticking a glittery reward star on a calendar for every day you are smoke free.

It is worthwhile listing the pros and cons of stopping smoking and why you want to start your own quit attempt. This often brings into focus your own goals, your reasons why you want to stop smoking and clarifies how much you will benefit from being smoke free. Keep this where you often look, such as on the fridge door with a smiley face magnet or even stuck onto the back door if this is where you would usually go out to smoke.

 Let`s bust through those barriers to stopping smoking and remember that cravings are a normal part of your quit attempt but can be managed with a little forethought and planning. Using the Smoke Free Action Plan on the website is a great way to go from contemplating your quit attempt to leaping into action and going for QUIT!