5 Minute Coffee Break - It's A Breeze!

Published at 13 May, 2021 12:36.

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You may not think it is easy to stop smoking but you might want to think again as it may not be as hard as you imagined. Pour some coffee and let us take you on a 5-minute journey, out into the fresh air where the breeze could make all the difference

Having a positive attitude towards your quit attempt is perhaps the first step on your journey to being smoke free. This week is Mental Health Awareness Week with the focus on nature being at the forefront of the campaign. #ConnectWithNature is all about nature being at the centre of our mental wellbeing.  A lot of us were lucky enough to go out for walks and engage with nature during the lockdowns and many turned to nature in their own garden for their daily comfort if self- isolating.  After a long year of Coronavirus concerns and lockdowns this could be a positive way in which you can start  to think about your health and wellbeing again and stopping smoking for good especially if you have started smoking again or if you think your smoking habits have escalated during lockdown. Getting outside in the fresh air can help with your quit attempt in many ways, giving you a fresh burst of energy after being indoors for so long,  a positive mental attitude which lifts your spirits and a spring in your stride as you go forward with your own steps to stopping smoking.

Fresh air can increase the flow of oxygen helping our bodies and our minds in many ways and this can help you get started with your quit attempt, increasing your motivation and in turn producing a much more positive mindset. Brain function and concentration is improved, and you may notice increased energy and a bounce in your step. Our white blood cells function better and our bodies ability to fight infection is increased. For those who are dieting whilst stopping smoking the better the flow of oxygen in our bodies then the better our digestive system`s work and our food is digested more efficiently

 If you have been struggling to contemplate your quit attempt during lockdown then re connecting with nature can have a positive influence on your mental health and your ability to think about your health and well being in a much more proactive way. Oxygen helps with the production of serotonin which in turn helps make us happier. Getting out and meeting a friend in the park can spark the conversation about stopping smoking and you’ve gained a support buddy who you can call if you need to or to meet for regular walks, all of which can help with motivation to stop smoking

The good news is it can be small ways which can bring huge benefits to your health and wellbeing. Just a short walk and breathing in more oxygen can benefit our physical and mental wellbeing. Simply smelling a flower or planting your own in a pot on your windowsill can be just as rewarding. Listening to the nature in your own back yard can be just as satisfying whether it`s a bird singing or a bee buzzing. Any contact with nature can help you feel better about taking care of yourself and is a positive step forward on your quit journey. 

Did you know that after 8 hours of being smoke free your oxygen in your blood returns to normal? After 1 day your lungs begin to work better as the carbon monoxide is removed from your body and after 3 days your breathing becomes easier and your energy levels increase. Now you can take that next step on your quit journey with a fresh perspective whilst still being mindful of the Coronavirus slogan “hands, face, space and fresh air” as you embrace the BREEZE!