5 Minute Coffee Break - Stop Smoking, Start Quitting This ‘Stoptober’ 

Published at 01 October, 2021 00:30.

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Stop smoking, Start being ADDICTION free 

Stop smoking, Start BREATHING 

Stop smoking, Start being CONFIDENT about your quit attempt 

Stop smoking, Start being DETERMINED to quit 

Stop smoking, Start having more ENERGY 

Stop smoking, Start to see the FINANCIAL benefits  

Stop smoking, Start listing your GOALS and reasons why you want to quit 

Stop smoking, Start improving your HEALTH in just 20 minutes of being smoke free as your blood pressure returns to normal and within an hour your circulation has already started to improve. Within 6 months your risk of heart attack, cancer and other smoking related diseases start to fall 

Stop smoking, Start INCREASING your concentration by stopping smoking 

Stop smoking, Start JOINING a stop smoking service for help and support. ‘Stoptober’ could be the perfect time 

Stop smoking, Start KEEPING yourself motivated by reminding yourself how well you are doing each day 

Stop smoking, Start LOVING the taste of food more. After only two days your taste buds and smell starts to improve 

Stop smoking, Start MOVING more as your energy levels increase and your breathing improves after only 3 days 

Stop smoking, Start NOTING what your most difficult triggers are and either avoid them or prepare tactics and strategies to help you at these more difficult times 

Stop smoking, Start OVER if you have a ‘slip up’, forgive yourself and move on with your quit attempt 

Stop smoking, Start PLANNING to manage difficult situations such as seeing friends who smoke, after meals, in stressful times or when you are feeling bored 

Stop smoking, Start QUITTING for good 

Stop smoking, Start REMINDING yourself why you are quitting as this will help on the days you feel less motivated 

Stop smoking, Start REWARDING yourself with a healthy treat, some ‘you time’ or just a star on the calendar for every day you remain smoke free 

Stop smoking, Start SHARING with other people that you have decided to quit smoking so they can support your decision and not smoke in front of you. Gain support from friends and family who do not smoke 

Stop smoking, Start to find ways of managing TRIGGERS such as the morning, the evenings, break times at work or on your daily commute 

Stop smoking, Start TALKING about how you are feeling, how your moods are, how you are managing or not managing so family and friends can understand and help you more 

Stop smoking, Start UNDERSTANDING and managing withdrawal symptoms. These are normal, temporary and a sign that the body is repairing.  

Stop smoking, Start VALUING the benefits you are already seeing and feeling from quitting 

Stop smoking, Start WALKING more if you can. Exercise is a great alternative to smoking and keeps your mind off smoking. Getting fresh air and daily exercise helps with stress too  

Stop smoking, Start having better oral health and avoid XANTHODONTOUS (smoking causes yellow/brown teeth stains)  

Stop smoking, Start planning YOUR quit attempt. A date in mind such as ‘Stoptober’ can help you with motivation and with setting a quit date 

Stop smoking, Start to ZONE in on your needs when preparing to stop smoking. The more time and effort you put into your plan the easier it will be. Prepare to stop, 28 days stopped, and stay stopped