5 Minute Coffee Break - Tricky Triggers

Published at 22 March, 2021 09:35.

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What actually triggers you to smoke? 

For some people it is simply being in the company of another person who lights up a cigarette. Other people may find a certain time of the day triggers that urge. 

Maybe for you it’s after meals or first thing in the morning . 

Triggers are tricky but there are ways of managing them which can help you become a successful quitter.

Dealing with your nicotine addiction is only half the battle when stopping smoking . The other half is being aware of what makes you think about wanting a cigarette . These tricky triggers can pop up out of nowhere and can take you by surprise, catch you off guard and tempt you into having a cigarette. By being aware of your triggers, you can plan ahead before they strike.

If your tricky trigger is in the morning, then it is essential that you change your morning routine. Simply thinking ahead can make all the difference in how you take on the morning challenge. 

Instead of putting the kettle on and pouring the coffee, go for a walk first thing, find that yoga DVD or online exercise class and start the day in a different way . Sometimes even brushing your teeth first thing when you wake makes the start of the day have a whole new feeling and the tricky trigger is forgotten. 

Now is the time when we may be thinking about meeting friends when lockdown rules are being relaxed. If your social circle involves friends who are smokers then now is the time to plan ahead, when we are able to meet friends socially you can do it with the confidence knowing that you have your stop smoking products with you or your speech in your head planned out to be able to say NO to those triggers . Remember that alcohol can lower your resolution to stay smoke free. Change your usual drink and the taste of something new can refocus the mind.

You may not have bargained on these feelings to smoke that arise from certain situations or particular times of the day, but you can stop the triggers in their tracks with a bit of forethought and a positive mind set. 

If your trigger is driving in your car how about spring cleaning your car inside and use your favourite air freshener?

This way you will be less likely to want to tarnish it again with the smell of tobacco. Have some mints, boiled sweets, gum or your nicotine replacement products in the car ready and reach for these if  the trigger strikes. Put on some trigger busting tunes on the radio and sing yourself through the drive and before you know it you are at your destination, smoke free and feeling groovy.

So now it's off to bed sleepy head after avoiding all those tricky triggers of the day, with a warm drink after a soothing bath, hot shower or relaxing music. Drift off with a good book knowing you will be dreaming about that holiday or special treat you can save up for now you have tackled the tricky triggers and stayed smoke free.