Become Smoke Free Today!

Published at 19 May, 2022 14:25.

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World No Tobacco Day: 31st May

Smoke Free Today!

On World No Tobacco Day:  Protect Yourself, Your Loved Ones And Your Planet
World No Tobacco Day: 31st May

Scoop of the day: Today you have one more reason to quit smoking: To protect your environment and your planet!

People will be better off financially today! Stop smoking and have more money for your everyday household bills as the cost of living is on the increase. Maybe treat your family, yourself, or even your pet, instead of spending the money on tobacco! You might even start thinking about a holiday or weekend break away!

Savings are increased on World No Tobacco Day! By not smoking today you can save money, save it all again tomorrow and the next day. Grab that money box now!

Developing Stories: Positive changes for ourselves and our planet are starting today!  Start a “phone a friend” help line, or a social media quit group. Knit to Quit is a great way to see friends and stay smoke free. Start a knitting circle and learn a new hobby too! Engage today with local Stop Smoking Services for information, help and support to quit for good. On WNTD go for a walk and take in some fresh air instead of tobacco smoke!

Breaking News: We can stop the threat to our own health, and the health of our environment today!

Smoking produces carbon monoxide and each cigarette smoked contains chemicals and poisons that effect our individual short-term and long-term health, causing preventable disease and death. You will benefit from the first day you stop smoking, physically, mentally, and financially.

Smoking is however a global concern, as more than 7 million deaths around the world are attributed to direct tobacco use. Around 1.2 million deaths are attributed to secondhand smoke. Passive smoking effects your friends, your family and especially your children who have less developed lungs and immune systems.  Cigarette smoking is the most common form of tobacco use around the world. The economic cost from tobacco use impacts on health care systems daily. Treating tobacco related illness adds significant burden to health care services in hospital admissions, GP consultations and prescriptions, as well as operations required for smoking-related diseases. Smoking forces a high cost onto businesses through smoking related sick days. Smoking households may experience financial stress, and this has a wider impact on local communities. The tobacco industry contributes to climate change and rises in global temperatures through production, distribution, and waste, producing harmful greenhouse gasses every year, damaging our planet. Did you know 600,000,000 trees are chopped down yearly to make cigarettes? Every year around 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are discarded around the world!

They are the most common form of littering, polluting our environment and causing devastating and destructive wildfires in our countryside. Humans, property, wildlife, and oceans are at risk every day from discarded cigarette butts. You should never discard cigarette butts down the drain, toilet or sink as this will cause damage to the environment and may also damage your home by clogging up the sewage pipes.

Quit smoking on World No Tobacco Day and you will help keep yourself healthier, help keep your loved ones healthier, and help keep the planet healthier. What an amazing thing to do today!