Deafblind Awareness Week

Published at 27 June, 2021 10:00.

Supporting image for Deafblind Awareness Week

This week is deafblind awareness week, which is a week around gaining and creating awareness for anyone affected by deafblindness.

Deafblindness is far more common than many people realise, around 400,000 people are affected by sight and hearing loss in the UK. 

Deadblindness affects everyone differently, some might need to adjust the settings on their TV or turn up the volume on the phone, and others might need assistance dogs, canes and more formal care.

For anyone affected, everyday activities can be difficult and time consuming. Trying to book a doctor's appointment, meet a friend for coffee, or even make dinner can be difficult if you can’t see or hear very well.

Due to Covid, many deaf people have found it difficult to carry on with their daily lives. Covid has brought in face masks for safety but has left deaf people feeling isolated and unable to carry on with the conversation as they haven’t been able to continue to lipread.

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