It's World Mental Health Day!

Published at 10 October, 2022 09:18.

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Did you know that smoking can affect your mental health?

Research has shown that smoking actually increases anxiety and tension. When you smoke, nicotine creates an immediate sense of relaxation, so people believe it reduces their stress and anxiety. However, this feeling is temporary and soon gives way to withdrawal symptoms and increased cravings. By smoking you are reducing the withdrawal symptoms but it doesn’t reduce anxiety or deal with the reasons behind your anxietDid you know that adults with depression are twice as likely to smoke as adults without depression?

Nicotine stimulates the release of the chemical dopamine in the brain, dopamine is involved in triggering positive feelings. Those who have depression often are low in dopamine, may use cigarettes to temporarily increase their dopamine supply.

People with mental health problems are much more likely to smoke than the general population and tend to smoke more heavily.  They may also need higher doses of some antipsychotic medicines and antidepressants because smoking interferes with the way these medicines work.

Stopping smoking can benefit your mental health, even if you feel like smoking helps it, it in fact does not.

When people stop smoking, studies show that their anxiety, depression and stress levels are lowered, their quality of life and positive mood improve, and the dosage of some medicines used to treat mental health problems can be reduced.

Are you ready to stop smoking and put your mental health first today?

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