National Hygiene Week

Published at 05 July, 2021 06:00.

Supporting image for National Hygiene Week

This week is National Hygiene Week, a week created by The Hygiene Bank to provide a platform for raising awareness and creating conversations about the hygiene poverty crisis in the UK.

The coronavirus pandemic has left us all feeling worried and protective over our personal hygiene. There are still over 14 million people living in poverty in the UK, meaning they face stressful weekly decisions between purchasing food, paying rent or buying essential hygiene products.

It has been proven that hygiene poverty can prevent people from fully participating in society and can negatively affect good health and mental well-being.

The success of the first National Hygiene Week demonstrated the need to continue to create new conversations about a wider safety net for those experiencing poverty. From the 5th-11th  July 2021 The Hygiene Bank will host the 2nd annual National Hygiene Week where they will have online and in person activities throughout the week to bring individuals, communities, businesses and thought leaders together to tackle hygiene poverty.