Stopping Smoking Poem

Published at 29 November, 2022 08:22.

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For a lot of years

I considered you my friend 

Took you everywhere 

To work 

Back to home 

On a night out 

You were always so near

When you weren’t there 

I lived in fear 

Thinking I could not survive 

If you weren’t with me 

Then one day 

I had enough 

Of your lying 

Your deceit

You made me smell 

And made me unwell 

Stole my money 

Was not very funny

Then a mate told me of a service 

That would help me quit 

A free phone number 

This was a start

Guidance support 

No judgment was seen 

Patches and inhaler was all I did need

Was hard at first 

The old ways did fight 

But I dug In 

It was a spiritual fight 

But I had support 

There by my side 

A call to the service 

A chat and advice 

Was all it took 

To banish the cigarettes 

Out of my life

Now looking back at all of the years 

You were an enemy 

That has taken my life

Now you are gone 

A freedom I have found

Yes a life 

Without a cigarette 

In my hand