What support is available during Stoptober?

Published at 18 October, 2021 06:30.

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During Stoptober there is a lot more support available for you to help you become smokefree but sometimes it is hard to decide which support is best for you, so we have compiled a list of different ways to access support.


Yorkshire Smokefree - We couldn’t create a list of places to get support to go smokefree without including ourselves in this list. You can access our helpful support by either calling us from a mobile, landline or by filling out a callback request form. Our advisors offer support through phone calls, video calls, text messages and group meetings.


Smokefree App - This app has been available for a while but this is a great tool to help you become smokefree and keep you smokefree. You can track how many days you are smokefree alongside how much money you have saved and how many cigarettes you haven’t smoked. There is also a game that can distract you from the need for a cigarette, this is similar to Snake that was available on older phones. You will also earn badges for each milestone you hit, this is a great way to keep you feeling accountable for each cigarette you don’t smoke.


Doctors - By speaking to a doctor, they may be able to prescribe stop smoking medication that will help you on this journey. There are certain medications that need a prescription to allow you to have this, this can be decided by your doctor and your advisor together but the doctor can help put you in contact with an advisor.


Support Groups - if you don’t feel comfortable attending group meetings in person or with a stop smoking service like ours, there are online forums and groups that you can join. If you are looking at accessing services like this, it is important to remain mindful to not share personal details with others online, including your full name, address and bank details.