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What was your main reason for accessing service? E.g. health, financial, COVID – 19 or other .....
Financial reasons
Did you believe you could achieve 4 weeks Smokefree?
Probably not when I started no, I thought it would have been harder than its been.
Have you used stop smoking medication to help you quit?
Patches and lozenges
How helpful did you find it?
I think if it hadn’t have been for the itching I would have used the patches for longer. I would have also had more lozenges if they tasted better.
Apart from medication, what else helped you to quit and stay smokefree?
Plenty of knitting and keeping occupied.

Has your health improved since you quit and if so, in what ways?
I’m not coughing anymore. Possibly going up hills is easier too. I now have to stop less going
Other than health, have you achieved anything since quitting that you couldn’t do whilst smoking?
Stop working. Due to financial reasons, if I would’ve continued to smoke I would have had to
get another job.
Could you give us a quote about your experience of becoming smokefree that may help others to take the same step. 
I would suggest anyone to try this service, it is helpful having someone to talk to. I don’t think I would have been as honest online or over the phone. It is easy to lie if you can’t see somebody, and if you are an addict, you will lie because you feel embarrassed. I would suggest to anyone to don’t give up, its been 15 years since I last tried to quit and I have now quit and doing well. The carbon monoxide tests tells you the truth so that was helpful also.
Be honest with yourself with your reasons for quitting, as long as you give up it doesn’t matter why you’re doing it. Just be honest with yourself why you’re doing it.