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What was your reason(s) for accessing the Stop Smoking Service?

To help me to quit smoking, especially because of the cost.

Did you believe you could achieve quitting smoking?

No, I didn’t

What products did you use to aid you? Dual therapy? And how helpful did you find them?

I used the vape, it was very helpful when I managed to master it.

I had a few teething issues but the customer care team at totally wicked were very helpful and patient and talked me through what to do. I now use my vape with a morning cuppa.

As well as medication, did anything else help you to stop smoking and stay smokefree?

Working out how much I was saving. You don’t notice so much on a day to day basis but when I worked out I was saving almost £400 a month I was even more determined not to smoke again.

The service and help off the advisor was brilliant, throughout all the ups and downs I was given guidance and understanding

Have you noticed any changes in your health since you quit?

Not really, being a farmer, I’ve always been fairly fit and active

How about any achievements that you couldn’t have gained before you stopped smoking?

More disposable income

How did you access the service? 

I had weekly telephone calls