Supporting image for Hazel

Hazel had started her journey to quit smoking when, one rainy day, two smoking friends visited her. Despite her efforts, the smell of smoke filled her kitchen as she allowed them to light up. Temptation struck when she asked for a drag, but her friends refused. Nevertheless, Hazel persisted and ended up smoking the whole cigarette. Two days later, she was rushed to the hospital with breathing problems.

Once discharged, Hazel was determined not to smoke again. Despite past failures, she initially doubted her chances of success this time. In the hospital, she used chewing gum and inhalers to fight cravings, unwilling to replace one habit with another. Unlike before, she now had the right mindset, nearly costing her life. Each morning, she imagined a pack of cigarettes next to her morning tea, a reminder of her struggle and newfound freedom.

Despite lacking internet access and only owning a basic phone, Hazel significantly improved her breathing. Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis and COPD, she attended telephone appointments due to mobility issues, experiencing a marked improvement in her respiratory health. Now, when Hazel sees someone smoking, she feels compelled to caution them against it, drawing from her own journey.

She shares her wisdom with her grandchildren, advising them to abstain from drugs, excessive drinking, and smoking to avoid the struggles she faced. After 25 years of attempts, she proudly declares herself a nonsmoker, her greatest accomplishment. Though still reliant on chewing gum, she feels empowered, gradually weaning herself off it as she gains more control over her life, free from the shackles of cigarettes.