Maureen & Stan

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When did you both start smoking?

Maureen: In my late 20's.

Stan: Also in my late 20's, I remember when I was 8-0 that big lads smoked on the park near my house and I would ask them for drags of their cigs.

How many years did you both smoke?

We've both smoked on and off through the years.

Do you remember why you started smoking?

Both of our ex's were smokers which made us start.

What are your reasons for quitting?

Maureen: Every time I went to smoke my legs would become very heavy and turn to jelly, this feeling would last for hours.

Stan: I wanted to pack it in for my health.

How did you access stop smoking support?

We did one to one sessions with our advisor.

How would you rate the support you received out of 10?

10 - it was excellent!

Did you use stop smoking products to help you quit?

Maureen: I didn't use anything.

Stan: I used mouth spray and the occasional e-cigarette.

How helpful did you find them Stan?

Very and I really liked the berry flavour.

Apart from products, what else helped you to quit and stay smoke free?

Coming to see our advisor face to face for CO readings really helped and we've supported each other throughout.

Has your health improved since you quit and, if so, in what ways?

Maureen: My legs feel so much better, they no longer feel heavy also I don't rely on my walking cane so much.

Stan: I feel so much better in myself and feel like I could do more exercise than usual.

Have you achieved anything since quitting that you couldn't do whilst smoking?

We have a lot more money to spend! We are going away in a few weeks and we will have much more spending money!

What would you say to anyone who has recently started smoking, or, if you could go back in time what would you say to your younger self before you smoked that first cigarette?

Stan: I would tell myself to put it down.

Maureen: I would tell myself 'you're not smoking that smelly thing are you?!'